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A bit off topic…..

Sort of going off on a bit of a tangent, but I was fiddling around with making photorealistic stone etxtures, because I find painting rocks especially difficult, but I managed to do a pretty spot on texture with difference clouds and fiddling with the channels 😀 anyway see what you think!

Cheers n Gone!


Final Old Man Face

Ok, so I’m pretty much finished with this face, Its taught me loads about the colours that are in skin, ive used greens, blues, purples, browns, all sorts, and ive enjoyed working with texture to try and make it more realistic. Now im going to do a few more but with tutorials as well as creating my own brushes to work with. Althought I used mostly standard photoshop brushes. i did use some custom ones for texture, but now i know the sort of thing I need, it will be easier to create my own brushes for my different needs! Anyway, here he is, Old Man Face 😀

Cheers n Gone!

Have made a lot of progress with the base colour of the old man face! after the main colours are finished I plan to create new layers to incorporate textures and lighting. Anyway, here is how it looks so far!

Cheers n Gone!


Ok so I’m looking to improve my photoshop skills, so I’ve taken my whole real skin thing and im applying it to a whole face, so i took a random picture off google of an old mans face and im looking to recreate it in photoshop and hopefully get a feel for what the steps are to make skin realistic looking! But here is whats happening with it so far!!


Ok. so maybe I’m jumping the gun slightly, but I thought I’d start doing a bit of work on my Innovations project, between other things. I decided to do a project on photorealistic skin in Photoshop. SO here is just a little picture i started to do, its mostly just an experiment with layers, and how many are required to create the illusion of depth within the skin. I am aiming to create my own brushes to create the proper effect, but for the time being, this is just using standard photoshop brushes, layering and blending options. Took about half an hour to do, so in theory, the longer I spend on the next one, the better it will be. In theory. If it’s not I’ll be well gutted!! SO anyway, here is some skin.

Cheers ‘n’ Gone

Photoshop Growth

While I am mainly concentrating on the Major Project and my dissertation, I’ve realised I need something to do to as a diversion so I don’t go insane  looking at the same stuff constantly. So with that in mind and my desire to become proficiant at Digital Painting, I’ve decided to go back to basics, and do some “Beginners Guides to Digital Painting” tutorials, and work my way through a few a day, with a view to bulking up my portfolio . So here are a couple I’ve done today, only quick ones, on painting clouds at different times of day. SOunds mundane, but was actually quite useful, especially in the understanding of colour. Anyways, here is the result!

The Story of Jeffery Chide

So, I am now working with Craig on his wicked cool project 😀 check it out here –

I’m acting as producer/general assistant, and I reckon we are going to produce a really good piece of work. The goal for today is get the script finished so hopefully by 3:30 ish we will have a script that we can start working from. Watch this space.


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Master Chief Done

Well, here he is all finished. I might fiddle with him a bit more and tidy him up but for now, done and done!

Cheers ‘n’ Gone

Getting his guns out…

Cheers ‘n’ Gone

After another hour or so, heres hows he’s looking

Cheers ‘n’ Gone